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An investor buying a property fast will not be prepared to pay full market value for it. However you have already seen how you can afford to go down this route from the Cost Comparisons on the previous page.

You can calculate an approximate amount that you can expect from a cash buyer by using the calculator below.

Please be careful when inserting the market value as there is often a difference between the asking price for a similar property that is on sale and what it actually sells for. Investors interested in buying your property and surveyors checking its value will use actual house price sales data that is available from the Land registry so there is no point in trying to inflate it in the hope of achieving a higher offer.

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Do you wish to see a valuation report which is produced on your property and is used by valuers, surveyors, estate agents, investors, mortgage lenders and property professionals?

This report provides an in-depth analysis of price trends in the area where the property that you are selling is located. The report is based upon information provided by Hometrack, the only independent property research and database company in the UK.

The report contains independent, up-to-date information that gives you a clear picture of price trends for each type of property in the selected area. The report also gives information on how many viewings each type of property will typically get before it sells, how quickly properties are selling in the area and how many local buyers and sellers are entering the market at any one time.

Conflicting reports about whether national and regional house prices are going up or down are creating confusion and uncertainty amongst vendors making the choice of whether to sell property even more difficult than it needs to be.

By offering this report to property vendors (sellers) or buyers we hope to remove some of this confusion, let you know what is really going on in your selected area and give you enough information to make an informed decision.

Now you can get the property that you may be considering selling or buying valued with the same valuation system used by mortgage lenders at a special discounted price of 25.00 (usual price 29.99).

A Hometrack report is a close analysis of the local postcode area, average prices for different property types. View a sample report and ensure it includes all the information you require before you decide to buy.

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